Jack Cade was a patriot....and a killer...but not for money. He had his reasons - profound, bitter, and murderously angry.

There had been a series of leaks at GCHQ Cheltenham, but Britsh Security could do nothing. Even the Prime Minister had been kept in ignorance of the real facts. Moscow Centre's devious networks were also clogged with carefully calculated disinformation. For Cade, this was a grim, but straightforward exercise. He was a hunter unleashed, but in his turn, would he be the hunted ?.

Cade, however, was not in a position to comprehend the extraordinary complexity of the secret of ORACLE - an illegal operation by a friendly power on allied territory.

Jack Cade knew how to survive. He knew who his friends were. He didn't have any. He also knew his enemies. They were Blood Enemies...and one of them was a woman.

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