When Kate Brannigan offers $1,000,000 for the heads of the men or women who killed her husband in Belfast, she uncovers a secret world of violence and intrigue.

Immediately after her televised offer, she receives three boxed heads and a demand for payment that she cannot ignore; $1,000,000 or the the heads of her three children. Her cold anger becomes stark fear. All her husband's assets have been frozen by powerful US bureaucrats in a ruthless game of politics and counter-terror activities between Washington and London. She will now struggle to protect her children and survive herself.

With only Carter, Brannigan's bodyguard to rely on, she faces betrayel of all she had believed in as the conspiracy she has unwittingly unlocked, drags them both from Belfast's dangerous streets and through the protected hideaways of IRA godfathers to it's awsome conclusion.

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